Who Decides, Inc. would like to announce that our organization will make its arrival in (Great Britain) this Fall to present two events to the public. The two visual art exhibitions will be held at the venues/dates listed below. If your in the U.K., please consider coming out to support us.

*Bridport Arts Centre: Bridport, Dorset UK
17 October 2016-27 November 2016

*Temple Church: Temple, London, UK
28 November 2016-25 February 2017

 "COMING IN 2017"

In the early part of 2017, our "visual art" we will reach New York City. Venues and dates will be released soon.

Who Decides, Inc. is a
national network of activists, volunteers,
and dedicated people working to educate the general public about the practice and history of capital punishment in the United States. As an established non-profit organization we are committed to using various mediums of art as a way to speak truth, share history, and lift society's consciousness about the death penalty in America.
Our goal is to establish a National Museum of Capital Punishment.  

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A movement cannot gain momentum without supporters.
This is what you can do today to help us promote the idea of
establishing a national death penalty museum.
You can post something positive about us on a social network or spread the word about our efforts to anyone via the media. By doing
this you can help champion our cause. We are only trying to gain wider recognition and expand our presence in order to achieve our
stated mission. Without the support from individuals like you, it is
going to be difficult for us to succeed in creating a national
museum to further educate society on the death penalty in America.  We are asking for your help. Help us ignite this movement by
getting involved, spreading our aims,
and asking others to connect with us.

 Founder, Kenneth Reams