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    Samantha Knights
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  • Bob & Roberta Smith
    Bob & Roberta Smith
    uses art for social change. A writer, musician, sculptor and activist, Bob is a former Tate trustee and current member of the Royal Academy. He firmly believes that art is a human right.
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    Reginald D Hunter
    was born in Georgia and grew up to be the fourth funniest person in his family. He tours regularly and is a staple of shows such as Have I Got News For You. Reginald's humour is sharp, intelligent and honest.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Decides (coordinated by Amicus as part of Art for Amicus) will be at Temple Church (London EC4Y 7BB) from 29th November to 23rd February. Please refer to the Church’s website or call them to confirm opening hours as these can vary.

Young non-profit organisation Who Decides, Inc. presents this exhibition, which covers more than 400 years of US death penalty history and comprises over 50 works of art through various media and perspectives. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Decides is a key component of Art for Amicus, a series of exhibitions of artwork by artists awaiting execution across the US.

It features the work of Kenneth Reams, who has been on death row in Arkansas since 1993 for a crime committed when he was 18, and Isabelle Watson, activist, Montpellier-based graphic artist and specialist curator of 3D visual arts. Their passion for the project has brought them together personally and artistically.

Who Decides, Inc.’s mission is to educate, using art, poetry and performance to spark critical dialogue. Reams has created pieces specifically about the practice and history of capital punishment in the US. The aim of this exhibition and of Art for Amicus is to highlight the importance of art to those in difficult circumstances and raise awareness of the human rights issues surrounding the use of the death penalty.

Kenneth Reams and Isabelle Watson welcome relevant artistic donations as the project moves forward. The ultimate goal is to build a national death penalty museum. For more information about Who Decides, Inc. visit

Temple Church (London) from 29th November to 23rd February

The exhibition by a man on Death Row that’s made its way from Arkansas to Dorset


Welcome to Who Decides, Inc. Who Decides, Inc. is a public-benefit organization. As a national network of activists, volunteers and dedicated people, we are committed to using various mediums of art such as creative writing, plays, visual art, dance, music and film as a way of educating society about the practice and history of capital punishment in America. The public events and forums that we present explore more than 400 years of the U.S. death penalty from all perspectives: the crime, the victims, the condemned, the methods of execution, and the laws. Our ultimate goal at Who Decides is to preserve the history of this controversial practice by establishing a national museum on the death penalty. This national museum will serve as an educational institution devoted to collecting, studying, exhibiting and interpreting America's extensive history on capital punishment.

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