Art does not exist only to entertain, but also to challenge one to think,

to provoke, even disturb, in a constant  search for truth.

 – Barbra  Streisand

Kenneth Reams  &  Isabelle  Watson
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Art Videos :  Kenneth Reams & Isabelle Watson

1830 Last American Execution by Burning – by Kenneth Reams
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Electric Chair – by Kenneth Reams – Wood Crafting
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§1.95 – by Kenneth Reams – Mixed Media
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Scale of justice – Wood Crafting – by Kenneth Reams – Mixed Media
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Animated-PinnedNote-New1912 Virginia Christian  – by Isabelle Watson
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Animated-PinnedNote-NewWomen Executed – Mix Media – by Isabelle Watson
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  1. Kenneth Ream’s artwork provides an accurate representation of the history and current state of capital punishment in the United States.

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Welcome to Who Decides, Inc. Who Decides, Inc. is a public-benefit organization. As a national network of activists, volunteers and dedicated people, we are committed to using various mediums of art such as creative writing, plays, visual art, dance, music and film as a way of educating society about the practice and history of capital punishment in America. The public events and forums that we present explore more than 400 years of the U.S. death penalty from all perspectives: the crime, the victims, the condemned, the methods of execution, and the laws. Our ultimate goal at Who Decides is to preserve the history of this controversial practice by establishing a national museum on the death penalty. This national museum will serve as an educational institution devoted to collecting, studying, exhibiting and interpreting America's extensive history on capital punishment.