Keynote Speaker, Ndume Olatushani

1st Annual Fundraising Dinner,
Keynote Speaker: Ndume Olatushani

Ndume, spent 28 years of his life in prison…20 of those years was spent on death row in the State of Tennessee, for a crime he “did not” commit. When it appeared that new evidence would be able to prove his actual innocence, Tennessee judicial authorities offered him a rare Alford Plea agreement: if he agreed to the terms. The agreement meant that he would not be exonerated for the crime, but he would be released and walk out of prison a free man. If he rejected the Alford Plea it meant that he would stay in prison doing litigation, likely for many more years. Ndume accepted the plea offer. As a result he has been a free man since 2012. However, under the terms of the signed agreement he is still considered a convicted felon. Ndume also lost his rights for compensation, he has no right to vote, the jury and prosecutors who wrongfully convicted him will never have to confront their mistakes. But more importantly, the real perpetrator will never be pursued or face justice for the crime that was committed.

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