The color of the elytra

The color of the elytra of these insects explains the etymology of their name which comes from the latin coccinus: ‘Scarlet ‘. The Coccinellidae family was established by Pierre André Latreille (1762-1833), in 1807.
In the current language, also called “beast ladybirds” Herbie, because she is the best friend of gardeners (former predicted the weather when the beetle flew) and especially, because, according to a legend dating back to the middle ages, it would be happiness. This nickname dates back to the 10th century. Sentenced to death for a murder committed in Paris, a man who proclaimed his innocence, had his salvation to the presence of the small insect. Indeed, the day of his public execution, the condemned had cut head. But a ladybug alighted on his neck. The executioner attempted to remove it, but the beetle returned repeatedly put in the same place. King Robert II (972-1031) lives there then divine intervention and decided to pardon the man. A few days later, the real murderer was found. This story has spread very quickly and the Ladybug was therefore regarded as a lucky charm that should not crush.

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